Friday, May 16, 2014


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Monday, May 12, 2014

Super Easy (and practically FREE) DIY Cocktail Shaker.... And Perfectly Simple Summer Margarita Recipe, With Printable!

Now, as you've probably noticed if you've been around here much, we're not really the most...upscale of all people. We're more likely to grab a beer or pour some rum in our coke than to whip up some fancy-smancy cocktails. So a cocktail shaker is not something we've ever even looked into buying....until I discovered this perfect margarita recipe! It's so easy - especially when compared to getting out the blender, remembering to buy more frozen strawberries, crushing ice, trying to guess how much tequila to triple sec you should use, and making a new batch of simple syrup each time! All you need to do is pour in 3 ingredients and shake it up. So, I started looking around for a real shaker then, and while I  know it's probably not that big of a deal to find one somewhere, and they're probable not that expensive, they seemed like it to me at the time. I think I like what I came up with just fine! So instead of dropping thirty bucks on another gadget to clutter my kitchen, I reused something I already had, and as a bonus, saved it from being tossed into the recycling bin. That's something that always makes me happy!

Check it out!! 

It was so easy. Step one, polish off a jar of queso. (thanks Hunny!) 
Step two, peel off the label and scrub clean. Something abrasive like Comet or baking soda helps with this part. 
Step three, take your lid(s, I did two!) outside and give them a couple coats of spray paint! I did red and teal cause that matches my kitchen :) Let them dry at least overnight. I wasn't sure how the paint would do in contact with liquid, especially liquid I was going to be drinking, so I let mine dry two days I think. So far it's been excellent. 
Step four - Make a margarita!! 

As I gathered up everything for this and took it outside for photos, I couldn't help but think what a fun gift this would be!! Print out a few different margarita or tequila recipes on card stock, tuck it all in a basket, and ta-da! Hostess gift? Happy summer gift? Who needs a reason! Anyone would love it :)